Solar Panels Investment - Why get PV Solar Panels?

With the government introduction of Feed In Tariffs in April 2010, not only do Photovoltaic Solar Panels help you reduce the carbon emissions of your home they now make financial sense aswell! They are now a great long term financial investment and can even earn you more than an ISA.

What are the main reasons for having PV Solar Panels?

  • Get a Tax Free income with the PV Feed In Tariff Scheme
  • You get paid to produce your own Solar Electricity
  • Guaranteed by the UK government for 25 years
  • Your acting on CO2 and Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Having a PV Solar Panels System installed could earn you a combined figure of £100,000 + over a 25 year period!

Solar Panels Quotations offers a free no obligation service where we will find you the best solar installation companies in your local area, this service can save you up to 65% off the price of PV Solar Panels systems, we also arrange for the companies to give you a free Solar Financial Investment analysis in order to find the best photovoltaic solar panels system to power your home and produce electricity to sell back to the energy companies. The free no obligation quotation service will normally involve:

  • Accessing the best place for the panels & measuring the roof space
  • Looking at any shading problems you may have
  • Explain the government feed in tariff scheme
  • Estimate savings on your electricity bills
  • Price up your ideal system and work out how much it will cost
  • Calculate how long it will take for the system to pay for itself

Feed in Tariffs are only available if your Solar Panels are installed by a MCS Accredited Installer

All of the Solar Panels Companies we use as part of our network of trusted installers are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited, so we will always get you solar panels prices from quality, trusted, local companies. This way you can guarantee to be able to take advantage of the government backed feed in tariffs.



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