Solar Panels - How they Work

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panel energy is quickly being seen as an answer to the high polluting energy sources of today. This is due the nature of the solar panel power emerging as an affordable, highly energy efficient renewable energy source. Solar Panel energy is being used more and more in our everyday lives for example garden lighting, water heating and electrical power for our homes. Solar Panel Energy is not new technology however and has been used to power homes since as long ago as 1984 in the USA.

Solar Panel Technology

How_Solar_Panels_WorkSolar Panels or Photovoltaic panels use the energy emitted in solar rays and convert it to electricity. The solar panels do this by capitalizing on the atomic structure of silicon to capture electrons known as photons in sunlight.  Positive and Negative slices of silicon in the solar panel are used to create a magnetic field capturing the free neutrons created by the chemical reaction. These are then transferred in tiny wires to create an electrical current, which will eventually be used in the home.

Before the Solar Panel energy can be used as a resource, the direct current created by the Solar Panel must be changed in to an alternating current by passing it through an inverter. During this process there is a small amount of energy lost, only around 5%.

Solar Panel Benefits

One of the main benefits of installing and using Solar Panel or Photovoltaic Energy is that it does not need replacing or large amounts of effort to maintain once set up. Typically Solar Panels can last up to 40 years needing only a yearly maintenance check to ensure the panels are clean and dirt free. As there are no moving parts in the solar panel cells have no ware and parts to replace increasing the ease of providing a cheap energy resource for your home.

Importantly the source of solar energy the sun, is never ending. The process of generating the solar energy does not create any polluting fumes, that would harm the atmosphere. Another benefit is the lack of any severe effects to the carbon footprint on the planet.

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Solar Panels are therefore not only environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but importantly cost effective and will make a significant improvement to your household energy bills. Improvements to the Solar Panel technology used are happening all the time, reducing the cost of installing it to your home substantially.

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