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More and more people today are discovering the benefits of solar heating and electricity for their homes. Unlike gas, oil and coal, solar energy is renewable. Power is obtained by the sun, so it will never run out like other resources can and will. The biggest questions people often have are how much do solar panels cost and how are they installed?

Solar Panel Cost SavingThe first thing to realize is that the cost of putting solar panels on your home is going to reduce your electric bill substantially. The price for materials to install a system yourself will be paid for with the savings you get off your monthly energy bills. The same holds true for having professional installers come and put them in for you.

Materials needed to do this project yourself will include solar cells, some plywood, plexiglass, silicone caulk, a Jones plug, a diode and some screws, wires and super glue. You may also want to get some paint and wood finish to protect the wood. A battery may also be a good idea to be certain that the system stays running during times of no sunlight or extensively cloudy or rainy periods.

Solar Panel Cost InstallationThere are many books available in stores as well as libraries that will offer step by step directions for installing these panels yourself. An internet search will also yield several matches with easy to follow guides from folks who have successfully put theirs in.

If you are not much of a do it yourselfer, you may wish to hire a company to come in and do the entire installation for you. This will save you time and ensure that the job is done right. And then the savings can begin.

Before deciding on a solar panel installation company it is also recommended to get at least 3 quotes to ensure you are getting the best price and service for your money and you are getting the cheapest solar panels prices. All of the Solar Energy companies we we put you in contact with offer free, no obligation quotations so you can take the best price and figure how long it will take you to recover those funds through savings on your energy bill. With such savings reaching as much as 65%, it is estimated that the cost of a solar panel system will pay for itself within 5 years. Find out for yourself how much Solar Panels Cost by getting quotes today.

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