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Installing Solar panels to your home can be a big decision for homeowners, so making sure its an informed choice is essential.

By getting a quote with us you can be sure that the solar panel installation contractors are fully vetted and qualified. Our solar panel installation experts will give you estimations with the best price installation quote, and advise you on the savings you will benefit from when your solar panel energy system is up and running.

Solar_Panel_InstallationWhen deciding on which contractor you are going to use to install Solar panels to your home it is important to know if they will be undertaking all the work or sub-contracting certain processes. Installing the Solar Panels is just a small part of the job, the electrical connection is another, so make sure the contractor you choose has the expertise for both.

There are many incentives and potential tax savings that are offered when you convert to solar panel energy. To find out what solar panel incentives there are visit our Solar Panel Grants page which has details about the Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) Phase 1 which can save you up £2,500 off Solar Panel Installation. You can also ask your solar panel contractors to advise what incentives are also available, and what estimated electrical savings you can benefit from when you are given your quote.

When you are comparing quotes from different solar energy installers be sure that they all include the same criteria. Some contractors may offer additional services that may increase cost, so it is a definite advantage if you know exactly what work you require when discussing prices.

Solar Panel Installation – 3 Step Process

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Our solar panel contractors will visit your property and use 3 main factors to determine your solar panel energy quote

- The roof is a fundamental area as this is will be where your solar panels will be installed. The roof condition, type, pitch and orientation will be measured.

- The amount of sun and its intensity on your property.

- Establish the most suitable electricity system for your property.

2) Find out what grants are available to you and apply.

3) Arrange a Solar Panel Installation Date

Your Solar Panel Contractor will then arrange a convenient date to solar panel system to your home. The work should take no more than 1-2 days.

Once your solar panel installation is complete you will be shown how to use the solar panel system, and given the correct warranty and any other guides to help ensure you are comfortable with your new solar panel energy system.

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