Why Businesses Should use Secure Emails

Email is used by more and more businesses as their primary means of communication. Whether they are using it to send important bank account details, corporate contracts, personal details or any other private information it is used on a daily basis. However, it seems as though many businesses are failing to ensure that they have the correct security measures in place.

Without having any form of secure email software in place it's so easy to accidently send an email to the wrong recipient. Once you've sent the email you'll have no control over it whatsoever and won't be able to revoke access to any of the secure attachments that have been sent along with the email itself.

Many businesses that have accidently leaked information or sent personal information to the wrong recipient have found themselves facing large fines from the ICO.

Implementing email encryption software is the best way to ensure that your emails are secure. When you 'encrypt' an email you are ensuring that nobody else can read the email unless they have access to the 'decryption key'.

There are many different variations of email encryption software available. Some solutions enable you to secure any emails that you send straight out of outlook. Other software enables you to revoke access to any emails that you may have accidently sent to the wrong recipient. You can also choose software that enables you to have 'real time' control over any emails that you send – this means that you have see when and where your email is opened.

By choosing to encrypt your emails you are ensuring that only the intended recipient receives and opens the email. This ensures that any personal data that is sent via email does not end up in the wrong hands, and therefore ensures that businesses won't face large fines from the ICO from leaking private data.


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