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The Feed In Tariff Scheme UK or Clean Energy Cashback as it is also known was introduced to UK the 1st April 2010. Basically the scheme rewards households that decide to switch to renewable or low carbon energy sources, by giving them regular guaranteed payments. This is a fantastic development for homes looking to install solar electricity panels or wind turbines as it makes the switch a much better financial possibility.


How Feed In Tariffs for Solar Panels Work

The Feed in Tariff scheme UK assures households of 3 guaranteed financial savings once accepted;

1) Generation Tariff - A set rate monthly payment for each kWh of generated electricity. This rate is guaranteed for 25 years with electricity generated by Solar Panels.

2) Export Tariff - An additional payment from your energy supplier for any electricity not used in the home that is exported to the grid. This is paid at a rate of 3.1p per kWh.

3) Energy Bill Savings - As well as these cash incentives given at the end of each month, you will also benefit from savings to your usual electricity bills as you will be using electricity generated by your home, not paying for it.

Feed In Tariffs Explained

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that 50% of electricity generated will exported back in to the grid, resulting in at total of £830 annually.

Tariff Savings
Generation Tariff £700
Export Tariff £25
Reduced Bills £110
Est. Total Savings £830

How To Get Involved In the UK Feed In Tariff Scheme for Solar Energy

Its easy to get involved with the Feed In Tariff scheme and start saving money.

Before you can qualify you must ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. This ensures that as much electricity as possible is exported back in to the grid.

After you have made a decision on what renewable technology is best for you, its then time to install it. To qualify for Feed In Tariiffs the technology must be installed by Microgeneration Cerification Scheme certified products and installers. All quotes arranged by SolarPanelsQuotations.co.uk contractors are certified by the MCS.

After the solar panel technology is installed the energy supplier must be notified, and the Feed In Tariff certificate from the installer must be accepted. After this you will need to fit second electricity meter to ensure that the electricity you generate and export is monitored accurately. This will important if you have to provide meter readings in order to receive payments from suppliers.

After this you are ready to begin receiving the financial benefits and bill savings from the Feed In Tariff scheme! This will not only help your pocket, but also significantly help reduce harmful effects to the environment.

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FIT Payment Eligibilty & How To Claim It


There are various types of tariffs available in the Feed In Tariff scheme;

These depend on 2 factors

i) when the renewable energy technology was installed in the property

ii) and whether a certified MCS installer was used.

If your system was fitted before 15/07/09 and you have collected Renewables Obligation Certiicate payments before. Providing you got in touch with Ofgem before 01/04/10 to transfer your Renewable Obligation Certificate to the Feed In Tariff, you be entitled to 9p/kWh for every unit generated plus 3p/kWh for units that you export.

If your system was installed 15/07/09 without being registered for Renewables Obligation Certificates.  If you failed to get in touch with Ofgem by 31/03/10 and provide application for Renewables obligation accreditation then you won’t be eligible for Feed In Tariffs. However if you did apply with Ofgem before 31/03/10 you qualify to receive the flat rate of 9p/kWh for electricity generated as well as 3p/kWh for every unit that is exported.

If your system was installed between the dates of 15/07/09 and 01/04/10 and your system and installer was MCS certified, you are eligible for to get the full Feed In Tariff payment. If you don’t meet these criteria you will not qualify for the Feed In Tarff scheme.

If your system was installed after 01/04/10 by a MCS approved installer and MCS certificated system, you qualify in full for both the generation and export tariff. You will need to inform your energy supplier, and provide your MCS certificate as proof to begin receiving the Feed In Tariff. If your system is installed in the 2nd year of the scheme you may receive less tariff funding depending on the size of your system.

If your system was installed after 01/04/10 by a Non MCS certified installer and using non-MCS products, you will not be able to qualify for the Feed In Tariff scheme. You still may be able to strike a deal privately for the electricity your system generates. It is important not to forget that you will still save money on your household electricity bills despite not qualifying for the FIT scheme.

If you fitted a small generator system between 50kW to 5MW after 15/07/09, and transferred to Feed In Tariff before 01/04/10, your system will qualify to benefit from full generation and export tariff.

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