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Solar Panels Quotations is free to use and can help you find the cheapest solar panel prices in your local area from a database of quality, MCS approved, recommended solar energy installers. We provide quotes from national and regional firms and make it easy for you to save up to 65% off the price of your solar panel installation.

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Why use this service?

We have been putting customers in touch with the top home improvement companies in their area for years, the solar panel industry has had massive growth in the last few years and we know how important it is to get work done by professional companies who genuinely care about their customers. We will find these companies and put you in touch with the ones that really can help no matter where in the UK you live:

  • All quotes are totally free and you are under no obligation to purchase from any of the companies.
  • All Solar Panel Installers are MCS accredited and will ensure you are 100% satisfied with any work undertaken.
  • The companies that you get quotes from have saved money on traditional advertising by working with us so they can pass on their savings to you.
  • The Solar Installers that give you prices know they are directly competing for your business with 2 other recommended installers so you will receive the cheapest price they can possibly do the work for.

Solar Panel Prices

Solar Panel Cost – Things to Look Out For

Switching to a reliable renewable form of energy is quite a smart decision to make, considering the number of benefits that your get. In addition to the cost benefits, there is also the lesser guilt on the conscience that you are doing something beneficial for the environment and not getting taxed heavily in the process. In fact, it can be quite an amazing thing to switch to this energy and actually be able to give back to the grid that you are part of. When you have a good idea about the solar panel cost, you might be in a better position to get the installation done. Here are some things for you to keep an eye out on –

  • Be sure about your requirements. Solar power is not something that is for people with heavily fluctuating loads. If you are a consumer with a fixed range of loads, then you would want to be careful about shifting to this technology, as the costs might not be worth it.
  • With the cost, you might have to decide the contractor to go ahead with. Get as much information as possible before you can make a commitment. 
  • There might be tax breaks for people who switch to solar energy. Hence, if you feel that you are paying too much for the transition; do factor in the tax breaks as well to ensure that you get some deductions from the estimates.

Once you have a good idea about how much everything will end up costing you, then there isn’t much for you to worry about other than to go in for the change and enjoy the ability to generate power. In fact, this is something that you would want to definitely go in for, considering the escalating the cost of energy today. After all, with the right estimate of a solar panel cost, there isn't much that should be holding you back from taking the plunge and switching right away.

Solar Panel Prices


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